KreutzogRosenfell authors to the book The Connection and developer of the method horse assisted group coaching



The book The Connection has been published in Danish and English.

The book The Connection is the result of research on the special connection between parents and children, and aniumals and their owners. Aside from the authors' own experiences with the coennection, inside are interviews with a number of practioners around the world.

Endorsement of The Connection:

"During my work as an animal communicator and human empowerment coach, the animals have shown me so clearly the profound connections between them and their humans on such a multilayered soul shared journey. In "The Connection" Pia Rosenfell and Nanja Kreutz, have made the link, together with many other practitioners, between not only animals and owners, but also children and their parents. This helps to make the reader aware of so many more concepts in how we all 'connect' and affect each other, and although the animals have taught me so much on this subject, it certainly has made me examine and reflect on the interaction between my parents and myself and also the relationships between me and my children, in a whole new way of understanding. This book discusses 'mirror neurons' which I found particularly fascinating! A great read for those seeking deeper understanding of the concept that we are all one and deeply 'connected' in ways hitherto unimaginable!" Madeleine Walker author of "An Exchange of Love..animals healing people in past, present and future lifetimes" and "Unity...the power of the animal kingdom to guide you home"