An exciting and new way to do constellation and feel the connection

Hesteassisteret gruppecoaching

Horse assisted group coaching is aimed to create focus on the participants' potential and release energy. Once you have a greater understanding of your own qualifications and potential, the approach and motivation is enhanced.

The roles and patterns - conscious or subconscious - that we carry around, affect how we act in our family, on your job, among friends and in our overall surroundings. If we are able to focus on these patterns, we will be able to evolve in a positive way.

The aim of horse assisted group coaching is to restore balance. 

We find that horses are especially sensitive - much more than us humans. They give very clear images and mirroring. They are able to help us connect with ourself and feel our body. Often we tend to live inside our head and might not always feel what is happening in our body and hear what it might be trying to tell us.

We have tried to explain this method with the research done by the German professor in medicine, Joachim Bauer. Joachim Bauer is researcher in neuro- and molecular biology. He has studied the specific brain cells, now known as mirrors neurons. The name comes from the fact that brain cells mirror other people and animals. One concrete example of a mirroring could be that when showing a smile to a child, the child will smile back.

When we meet another person, our mirror neurons automatic start a reaction in our brain, which makes us aware of and feel how the person opposite us is feeling. In this way the horses mirror neurons helps us create images that are clear to see both for guides and clients.