Horse assisted group coaching is for everybody who is curious and want to learn more about themselves, but also for people with disease.

In regard to companies management and employies on all levels will benefit from a horse assisted group coaching.

You can work with everything - for instance - relationships, physical problems (could be chronic pain, allergies), finding your path in life, carreers, work place issues, incest, addictions, abuse.





"I approached the session with the horses with a degree of skepticism but was pleasantly surprised for the apparent results. With 3-4 weeks afterwards, I had become more determined, energetic and focused, and through door knocking had gone from being chronically unemployed to had having a new, well-paying job."


"I felt safe in the circle with the horses which is surprising because I am normally afraid of horses. I surprised to discover what was happening with my pain in the knee - the work with the horses helped me understand myself better and my knee is now better."